Eggies Tournament Play

Welcome to Eggies!  You just found one of the most addictive Mobile Games ever… and it plays across iOS, Android and Facebook!  Play for FREE and get 20 FREE tokens (ACT FAST – these Free Tokens are available for a limited time)

Eggies is for Everyone

EggiesThis game is fun and enjoyable for all ages.  I would rate it at PG.  Though I have seen it enjoyed by 4 years olds on up to 97 years olds.  There are already millions playing this game, and you are about to see why.  Help Free the Eggie Friends and gain points and prizes.  This is a very interactive game and is fun to play with your friends, family, colleagues or across the growing Worldwide Network.  This is a game that you will enjoy for a very long time.  Get started, and be able to share it with your family, friends, colleagues – anyone.  Play against them in tournaments, or play for fun.

EggiesThere is a cute and lovable story line behind this fun game.  Once you set up your free account you’ll be able to see the story.

The entire goal of the game is to smash as many eggs as you can.  You smash eggs from aligning 3 similar eggs together.

Align 4 or more, and you release an Eggie Friend that activated will create different activities that smash even more eggs.  You can combine the effects of multiple Eggie Friends for more and more egg smashing fun.

The more eggs you smash, the more Eggie Friends you set free, the more you gain in points, coins and rewards.

This is high activity, and addictive.  One of the best ways to pass the time, enjoy yourself and grow in Mobile Gaming fun.


The game play with Eggies is incredible.  You will enjoy the fun interactions.  Compete in tournament play, there is so much fun to be had in the Tournaments.  This is where you can measure up in your game play and gain Tickets for winning levels.  This is attainable for anyone.  Enjoy redeeming your Tickets for Real Prizes!


The more combos, the more actions.  The more actions, the more points… the more points the more you grow in levels.

And there is this Little Witch that will make you laugh with her comments and attitude!  She will get kids (of all ages) to laugh.